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Aims And Scopes

The comfort congress is a platform for product comfort research. It will provide an opportunity to discuss comfort definitions and models, methods and methodology of assessing and quantifying comfort, system science approaches, and application examples.
Researchers are asked to share studies, theories, methods and technologies in the realm of comfort, encompassing all man-machine interfaces. Research fields can include body support systems, such as seats and bedding, vehicle and aircraft seats and interiors, consumer products, and more. Research topics can cover the wide range of physical, physiological and psychological human-product interaction, among them product usability, fit and hold analysis, visual comfort, thermo-physiology, and perceived product quality.
The aim is to form a knowledge base, start an exchange, present and advance current comfort research in Salerno, June 2017. The best participating papers will be published in a special issue of a scientific journal based on the congress proceedings to disseminate current comfort research.