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ICC2017 - International Comfort Congress



A notebook with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 will be available for Speakers. Please provide a compatible presentation file.



Session 1 – 07/06/2017 – h:13.45-15.45



1A Methodology   


1A-1 A knowledge based approach to the machinery design

Pandolfi M., Gregori F., Papetti A., Germani M.

1A-2 An overview of user experience assessment methods and tools in integrated product-process design

Peruzzini M., Grandi F., Pellicciari M., Mengoni M.                                 (moved at the end of session 2A)

1A-3 A systematic analysis of seating research knowledge based on Multispace design model

Hirao A., Arita M., Kim Y., Matsuoka Y.  

1A-4 Analysis of Body Pressure Distribution on Car Seats through Machine Learning

Mitsuya R., Kato K., Kou N., Nakamura T., Sugawara K., Dobashi H., Kawai T.

1A-5 ‘The evaluation of medical devices with healthy people?’

Fray M., Hodder S., Canham N.

1A-6 A multifactorial approach combining driving simulation and motion cap-ture to evaluate the seat comfort for a driver

d’Amore M., Fiorentino A., Pellegrino A., Sena P., Villecco F.


1B Tools  

1B-1 Pressure sensing and control of an aircraft passanger seat

Campos G., Xi F.J.

1B-2 Parametric modelling of optimal aircraft seat surface and seat pressure distribution

Wang X., Cardoso M., Beurier G.

1B-3 Concept of a human response model for aircraft cabin interiors design in virtual environments

De Crescenzio F., Lucchi F., Bagassi S., Ursino M., Di Pellegrino G., Capasso A., Vitolo B.

1B-4 Movement analysis to indicate discomfort in vehicle seats

Mansfield N. J., Sammonds G.,  Darwazeh N., Massoud S., Mocio A., Patel T., Sehdev A.

1B-5 The effect of expectation on perceived comfort while using office devices

Califano R., Naddeo A., Gatto A., Leo S., Milosa P., Nazzaro M. , Straccia L.

1B-6 A new approach for measuring the seat comfort

Wegner M., Martic R., Franz M., Vink P.

Session 2 – 07/06/2017 – h:16.15-18.15


2A Modeling  

2A-1 Ranking of human senses that contribute to passengers’ aircraft interior comfort experience

Bouwens J.M.A., Hiemstra-van Mastrigt S., Vink P.

2A-2 Aircraft Seat Discomfort Scale Using Item Response Theory

Menegon L. da Silva, Vincenzi S. Ligia, Andrade D. Francisco de, Barbetta P. Alberto, Merino E. A. Díaz,  Vink P.

2A-3 Designing for Comfort in Shared and Automated Vehicles (SAV): a Conceptual Framework

Diels C., Erol T., Kukova M., Wasser J., Cieslak M., Payre W., Miglani A., Mansfield N., Hodder S., Bos J.

2A-4 Two-level representation for passengers’ appreciation of comfort in urban public transport

Loriquet V., Gosset S.H., Richard C., Bassereau J.-F.

2A-5 The effect of spine discomfort on the overall postural (dis)comfort: the case of vending machines

Califano R., Vallone M., Naddeo A., Cicalese A., Coccaro C., Marcone F., Shullazi E.


2B Thermal   

2B-1 Comfort in clothing – Determining the critical factors

Raccuglia M., Havenith G., Heyde C., Hodder S.

2B-2 Characterisation of PCM textiles by means of heat re-lease tester WATson and subject trials

Harnisch M., Woelfling M., Scheffelmeier M., Classen E.

2B-3 Heat transport within car seats

Wölfling B., Classen E.

2B-4 Influence of radiative properties on the thermal comfort of passenger cars

Corticelli M., Leali F., Muscio A.

2B-5 Development of a human thermal model to predict seat occupant thermal comfort

Adel Z., Marca C., Borot C.

2B-6 Virtual Testing Environment and Methodology for Thermal Comfort Models

Backes D., Gissing J., Massonet C., Kirmas A., Schwalm M., Eckstein L.

Session 3 – 08/06/2017 – h:09.15-11.15


3A Psychophysics  

3A-1 Development of automobile seat for fatigue reduction focused on biomechanical loads

Hirao A., Ishiwata S., Yoshizawa N., Egami M.  

3A-2 Development of a method for rating thermal and moisture seat comfort

Scheffelmeier M., Classen E.

3A-3 Neural Correlates of Perceived Comfort in Human Strength Exertions

Karwowski W., Alhujailli A., Hancock P., Fafrowicz M., Marek T.

3A-4 Influence of passengers’ anthropometry and tasks on posture and discomfort in an aircraft seat

Hiemstra-van Mastrigt S., Brauer K., Vink P.

3A-5 A study on the correlation between the perceived comfort and the muscular activity, using virtual simulation techniques

Cappetti N., Naddeo A., Soldovieri V.M., Vitillo I.

3A-6 Designing movement into automotive seating - does it improve comfort?

Varela M., Gyi D.E., Mansfield N.J.


3B Seating   

3B-1 Quasi-vertical working position – innovation source for the personal urban car design of the future

Sisman V.

3B-2 “Whee’ll Fly” wheelchair: a new mobility device designed for air travelers with disabilities

Patrizi C.

3B-3 Neck posture and muscle activity with and without head support in a reclined sitting posture when watching IFE

Smulders M., Naddeo A., Van Grondelle E.D., Schultheis U., Vink P.

3B-4 Comparative Assessment of Aircraft Seat (Dis)Comfort via Planned Experiments

Vanacore A., Lanzotti A., Migliore L., Percuoco C., Capasso A., Vitolo B.

3B-5 The rationale behind wide-body trains with two plus three seating in Sweden

Kottenhoff K., Andersson E.

3B-6 Seat Assessment – A Discussion of Comfort and Discomfort Models and Evaluation Methods

Ulherr A., Bengler K.


Session 4 – 08/06/2017 – h: 11.45-13.45


4A Dynamics   

4A-1 How Driving Style affects Public Transport Passen-gers’ Experienced Comfort

Kottenhoff K., Rubira Freixas M.

4A-2 A Seated Human Model for Predicting the Coupled Human-Seat Transmissibility Exposed to Fore-Aft Whole-Body Vibration

Kim E., Fard M., Kato K.

4A-3 An effective Multibody and Genetic Algorithm approach to design active tyre-suspension-seat system

Calì M., Oliveri S.M.

4A-4 Using Biomechanical models in Motion Comfort of Automated Driving

Happee R.

4A-5 Multi-target driven design of a smart aircraft accessibility system for people with reduced mobility: the BEAIR project

Giordano R., Naddeo A., Berro P., Cappetti N., Di Somma A.


4B Applications   

4B-1 Buying a mattress – A question of comfort or valid technical measurements

Groß E., Vogt N., Jentzen H.

4B-2 Height adjustments on backpack-carrying systems and muscle activity

Kratzenstein S., Behrenbruch K., Wanstrath M.

4B-3 Air quality aboard high speed trains

Lenzuni P., Del Gaudio M., Freda D.

4B-4 Solutions for improving aircraft passengers’ experience during boarding and disembarking

Hiemstra-van Mastrigt S., Ottens R., Vink P.

4B-5 Effect of specific characteristics on overall impression of business footwear

Dannemann A., Heidenfelder J., Maiwald C.

4B-6 The future of comfort …… a future beyond foam?

Smit L., Mahy J., Naddeo F.


Plenary Presentation – 08/06/2017 – h: 15.00-17.00

Peter Vink - Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands)

Comfort and discomfort effects over time: the sweetness of discomfort and the pleasure towards of the end


Neil Mansfield - Nottingham Trent University (UK)

Vibration and shock in vehicles: new challenges, new methods, new solutions.


Naddeo Alessandro - University of Salerno (It)

Comfort-driven target setting


Frohriep Susanne - Grammer A.G. Amberg (D)

From Measurement to Meaning: Methods of Comfort Assessment and Corresponding ErgoLab Functions